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As the leaves fall and the cool breezes slide into the mix, I'm inclined to roll up my car windows and blast some dope rap tunes. One project, I'm definitely looking forward to is the new upcoming album by rapper, singer, and producer, Eyedos. The New England native is dropping his 23 track album, "The Guerrilla Tape" on November 12th, but I got to check it out before it is released on the major streaming platforms. 

(Self-released, digital download)

"Serial killing, drug binges and death camps are not topics that come up when you think about Vermont hip-hop. Buckle up, though. All are touchstones on Guerrilla Bars, the debut album from Eyedos, a Burlington rapper keen to carve his own lane."

Eyedos, Guerrilla Bars 


"Eyedos has been on a killing spree lately. The emcee / producer has been pushing himself these past few years, and his output has been both prolific and ambitious. With the release of the latest JynxINC LP, Devil May Care Too, I wanted to interview the artist about his path — then realized I already did that, earlier this year. So, with apologies to the beast, here is our conversation about underground hip hop and indie hustle."

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​By Filthy Riché October 30, 2021


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November 6, 2018

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Rapper, Singer, & Producer, Eyedos Set to Release New Rap Album, 'The Guerrilla Tape'