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Staying active in the community, he performed periodically in and around Southern VT, New Hampshire and Massachusetts with local artists such as the Epidemiks, iMHi, Capacity 3, RealEyez, J.A.V. and others until 2013 when Eyedos moved to where he currently resides in Burlington, VT. Since then, the striving Green Mountain powerhouse has recently reconnected with former partner in rhyme, Krypto Man as well as childhood friend and recording artist, RuffNek on collaborative efforts. 13 years, 5 solo efforts and over 9 group projects later, Eyedos is versatile in the studio on point from recording/mixing his own tracks to writing his own lyrics and beat production. With styles that range from aggressive chopper-style delivery with dynamic rhyme schemes to smooth, melodic flows, witty wordplay and solid punchlines. Today, Eyedos reaches out to both the male and female demographic ages 20-35 with his stage energy and Metal influence. 

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At age 12, he had a newfound love for hip hop music with abounding artistic endeavors. Once a comic book artist with a steady hand, Ken has directed this creative drive towards writing, rhyming, engineering and production. The genesis of his career didn't spring until early 2003 when he teamed up with two colleagues and together they called themselves Jynx Inc. In their developing stage, three emcees collaborated and released numerous mixtapes while building an innovative foundation for alternative rap music in their hometown in southern Vermont. By 2004, former artist and engineer CBK, moved to Florida leaving Eyedos in charge of the band's production while Krypto Man focused on networking and booking.  They had their first gig in 2005 with positive reviews but it wasn't until 2006 when they started networking with stage DJ and local radio  show host, DJ Forcefed who interviewed the crew on his station Busted Muffin Radio on WVEW 107.7 in Brattleboro, VT. Upon hearing Jynx Inc. on 107.7, Tableek of Masspyke asked

 DJ Forcefed for their contact information, things began moving fast.  They were featured on a Western New England Hip Hop (WNEHH) mixtape hosted by Tableek and DJ Roddy Rod from which they made connections with many artists around New England. They began to connect with entrepreneurial hip hop mogul BURNTmd, and around 2009, they organized their first show together with him and underground rap group Rhythm Ruckus. In 2011, Jynx Inc. were all but done recording their seventh mixtape, Conspiracy Worldwide Vol. 1 when they opened for a concert in Keene, New Hampshire hosted by BURNTmd with Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan, REKS, The Lynguistic Civilians, The Cave Boys and many more. Not long after, the band split due to unsettling differences and Eyedos decided to go on hiatus from the group to pursue his solo career.  By 2012, Eyedos continues to connect with DJ Forcefed and is introduced to lifelong peers of his, Hoarsehed and Stresselbee of the Epidemiks.