In 2001, Eyedos joined the group JynxINC., and in 2003, became ½ of JynxINC. Eyedos or “Eidos” is Latin for “image and Form” It's a theory coined by the philosopher Plato that roughly translates into, "the intellectual or cognitive properties of a culture or social group". Eyedos is a prolific artist that storms the stage with witty one-liners, technical rhyme schemes, political overtones with a dynamic delivery. Eyedos has a lyrical capacity to invoke you into his melancholic rhyming style. Eyedos, an emcee, will be heard from for many years to come.

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Ken Call aka Eyedos started to formulate his introspective rhyme style in Burlington VT., in the early 2000’s. Eyedos spent most of his childhood sketching & listening to a blend of Blues, Metal, and Classic Rock. Discovering music as a new form of self-expression in 1999, he found a love for Hip Hop. Once a comic artist, Eyedos directed his creative drive towards writing, rhyming, and production.